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Basic Principe of that type of design is :::  Two elements cant cross each other  ::: They can posses a certain structure, but a brick cant hold another brick inside itself. When we go inside  of a brick, the structure must be completely different from the current.

BOX in BOX Design

Box in box tagged real-life based structure or also called hierarchical HTML language. It’s purpose is not only descriptive, it’s structure is isomorphic image of real-life  forms. That’s why HTML survived over the years, because one can achieve and develop a design in a natural way,  that is so important for our definitions for design notion.

Base axis of CREATION

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You can’t create an image without a pan, and you cant achieve quality if pan has low adhesion, and your image  will look  bad if you have no organic skills. This is my system for creation process in IT developing. TECHNOLOGY—>FUNCTIONALITY—>DESIGN—>ORGANICA. Everything depends by technology you have in your hands.


Worst enemy?

Worst enemy?

Most technologies like Flash, Silver-light, in general saying closed “platforms”  and so on, died because  of one simple reason:  The insolvable religious dispute about relation between DESIGN and FUNCTIONALITY. This issue i will comment very widely in next posts .  In the horizon is  coming something that will resolve that  problem. Elegant and  organic  access , physical structure that  provides a natural  design,  environment that fulfill those symbiosis between beauty searchings and technical searchings. CSS and HTML generate very  strong and important rules, which are in the base for a FRONT-END   developing.

Poullo Oconne 2014 jun.