When I solve all the problems of the exam
When I solve all the problems of the homework and suddenly hear birds chirping
When I see the problems of the exam
When the Nakov introduces a new problem that no one is able to solve
When my team is a great
when I hear a speaker swearing
When I see a well-written code colleague
When my mistake is "String = 0" of the java exam
When my CSS file is greater than 200 lines
When I test my website’s display only on Chrome
When Nakov add to description of problem : Use some kind of approach to support old (non-HTML5-compatible) Web browsers like IE6-IE8.
my reaction when I get good feedbacks at SoftUni
SoftUni building
when I quickly solve an annoying bug
After 3 hours lecture
4am, 1 day before exam
when someone else uses my laptop
when someone tells me Java is just like C#
when Nakov suddenly seen someone when he is on Facebook
when I work on the layout
how I solve difficult problems
When the speed is slow...
The power of ASCII symbols
Snake for programers
Programmer movies vs Real life
Programmer life
When you try to fix something, another goes wrong